As a creator I’ve always wanted to create pieces of artwork that a person would not only love but personally mean something special to them. During the global pandemic my sister and her husband celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. My sister had the most amazing, simplistic, elegant flowers and I couldn’t help but think “I WANT TO PAINT THEM!!” So I got my palette knives and oil paints out and the rest is history. Being a bride to be myself and my love of flowers I couldn’t shake this idea off. I wanted to create paintings that would be treasured for generations to come. So here I am, after many hours of planning and painting turning bridal bouquets into original pieces of artwork.

The process

I want to capture the very essence of your wedding day. By adding all the details you will forever see, touch and remember at a single glance at your wedding bouquet painting. All I need is 2-5 pictures of your wedding bouquet and 50% deposit in order to start your original piece of art. After completing your bouquet it will take 8-12 weeks drying time. You can’t rush the process. Then finally you will have your forever bouquet. For any questions on custom wedding bouquets or commissioned pieces you can send an enquiry.