Live bouquet painting on your Wedding day

Live Floral Artist on Wedding Day

With celebrating 1 year of painting bridal bouquets, I think now is the perfect time to launch another dream of mine.

How would you like to add something special and unique to your wedding day? Why not commission a live painting of your bouquet to enjoy on your wedding day. Set your wedding apart from others.

This is a unique way to capture the very essence of your wedding day. A live painting will create an unforgettable experience for all present.

Art tells a story and I want my art to tell YOUR story. I believe in painting peoples memories in the form of flowers. Flowers survive through the storms, they grow through the weeds and are wildly beautiful. They are a symbol of love, hope, unity and growth. My desire is that your bouquet painting will be a symbol of this in your marriage.


Travel is available throughout all Northern Ireland and Ireland. I will set up in your venue at least 2 hours before before guests arrive at the reception. Texture will be added to your bouquet whilst the guests mingle. After I’ve painted for a few hours with guests present I will take the painting back to the studio to finish off the any final details and keep in my studio until its dry.

Having a live bouquet painting on your wedding day, will create an abundance of memories for you and each time you glance at your bouquet you will be reminded of a special day in your life filled with so much joy and love.

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