My name is Grace Killen and this space is where I share my artwork & faith. Art defines the very person I am. I’m a self taught artist who has been creating since I could hold a pencil/paintbrush.

My creative journey was always a dream that I never thought possible. The idea of sharing my artwork caused so much fear and worry. But I am so thankful that I let my faith be bigger than my fears. God has given me this ‘gift’ to be an ambassador for Him through my art, to lift His name and to spread love, peace, joy, grace and beauty.

My mothers love of flowers and her beautiful garden are what sparked my inspiration. I began to ask myself ‘why are flowers here and what is their purpose?’ As I studied this in more depth it became clear to me that flowers are here for our enjoyment, to bring beauty to the earth. Flowers are a reminder of the Creators beauty. Understanding this sparked the beginning of my creative journey, which I’ll forever be thankful for.

My loose, thick style illustrates the beauty and flow of nature itself. Painting with knifes in oils to get that textured, thick buttery petal is kind of my thing!! Each piece created is an original and often has a meaning behind it. I want my collectors to feel the joy and peace when they look at their painting as much as I do when creating it.